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NEW Nex Flow™ Frigid-X™ Sub-Zero Vortex™ Tool Cooling Mist System

The "NEW" Nex Flow™ Frigid-X™ Sub Zero Vortex™ Tool Cooling Mist System, is a unique patent pending mist unit designed to improve machining operations requiring cooling and/or lubrication when dry machining cannot be used.


Unlike mist systems that supply liquid which is not cooled, or more costly systems that cool the liquid, the simple design of the Sub Zero Vortex™ Tool Cooling Mist System, supplies and cools the liquid to as low as 40ºF (5ºC) using a small vortex tube without any additional pumping system.


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NEW Ultrasonic Leak Detector

This device can be used to locate costly leaks in your compressed air system. Eliminating compressed air leaks can recover a tremendous amount of energy that can be used to operate all types of nozzles, amplifiers and vortex tubes with no added cost! Air savings means free energy. An Ultrasonic Leak Detector (UDC) is typically a hand-held device that is used to locate leaks by aiming it in the direction of a suspected source of an air leak. When a leak is present, then an audible tone can be heard via the use of appropriate head-phones.


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Efficient Use of Compressed Air,Nex Flow,Optimization,Products,Ultrasonic,Leak,Detector,PLC,Flow,Control,System

NEW Flow Control System

All Nex Flow™ products are designed to improve plant efficiency buy either reducing the compressed air used while it is being used, or in some way to reduce maintenance, or in another way to improve productivity. But the nice thing about compressed air is that this energy comes from "storage" and can be called upon only when needed. The Nex Flow PLC Flow Control System (PLCFC) provides this on demand control. It minimizes the use of compressed air on any blow-off, cooling, conveying, drying or static control system utilizing a photo electric sensor to turn the air on and off as required.


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Efficient Use of Compressed Air,Nex Flow,Optimization,Products,Ultrasonic,Leak,Detector,PLC,Flow,Control,System

NEW Air Flow Meter

The X-Stream™ Air Flow Meter represents a radical departure from conventional air flow meter designs, providing easy installation, low cost and accurate of the probes in the air stream.


The air flow meter clamps around a pipe with its probes projecting into the pipe through drilled holes. The low cost of the air flow meter makes it ideal for installation at points throughout the air distribution system to track valuable compressed air and assess system operation.


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NEW Mini Spot Cooler

Frigid-X™ Mini Spot Cooler is a low cost and maintenance free system which utilizes a vortex tube to produce cold air at one end. It is quiet and compact.


Frigid-X™ Mini Spot Cooler is designed for small parts and produces a stream of 15 to 20 degree F (minus 9.5 to 7 degree C) of cold air to prevent heat buildup depending on inlet air temperature. It can improve tolerances in maching of small critical parts and increase production rates.


Cold air is directed using the flexible tubing. A magnetic base is standard for portability and easy mounting of the Frigid-X™ Mini Spot Cooler.


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NEW Safety Air Blowoff Gun

Many low cost air guns are sold extensively throughout the world but do not necessarily last. In addition they are not all safe to use and may result in dangerous high dead end pressures.


Nex Flow Safety Air Blowoff Guns are durable, safe and comfortable to use incorporating our efficient air nozzles and air jets to produce high output air and "laminar" flow while minimizing compressed air use and noise levels.


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