Pneumatic Water Separator - Pneumatic Mist Remover From Nex Flow™

Pneumatic Water Separator, Pneumatic Mist Remover, Pneumatic, Water Separator, Mist Remover, Nex FlowNewly developed "Liquid Super Separator" is a new concept of a pneumatic mist remover without filter element. The "Element Free Pneumatic Water Separator" uses a special centrifugal technique with "radial multi-nozzles" that is world patent pending and makes it possible to reject liquid mist (water and oil) to 99.9%! This pneumatic mist separator is virtually maintenance free, as there is no need to replace any filter element. A standard traditional filter with an element and automatic drain may be placed downstream to control micron size but the high liquid and mist removal of the separator will keep it clean and it may not require element replacement for an extended period of time. Maintains extremely low pressure drop.


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Air Knife, X-Stream, Curtain Blow-Off System, Nex Flow Instruction Manual NF-200
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Air Knife, X-Stream, Curtain Blow-Off System, Nex Flow Super Separator For Zero Maintenance Filtration


Pneumatic Water Separator Features:

  • No filter element

  • Minimal pressure drop

  • Maintenance free

  • Complete mist rejection

  • Mist rejection rate : 99.99%

  • Oil mist rejection rate : 99.99%

  • Semi-permanent durability

  • Power free

  • Complete with Auto-drain

  • No performance change over time

  • Trouble free with simple construction

  • Large capacity but compact

  • Low cost



Pneumatic Water Separator Dimensions:

Three standard sizes.


(9 scfm)
(22 scfm)
(64 scfm)


Pneumatic Water Separator Specifications:


Max. operation flow rate SCFM(Nl/min)
9 (200)
22 (500)
64 (1500)
Max. pressure drop (PSIG) (Mpa) {Kgf/cm2}
3.5 (0-0.025) {0-0.25}
Operating pressure range (PSIG) (Mpa) {Kgf/cm2}
140 (0.01-1.0) {1.0-10.2}
Max pressure before failure(PSIG) (Mpa) {Kgf/cm2}
172 (1.2) {12.1}
Fluid temperature range (°F) (°C)
(68 to 140°F) (-20-60°C)
Type of drain valve
Automatic (can be drained manually)
Air line connection diameter (inches)
Drain outlet connection diameter (Rc)
1/4 (Ø6.35mm) One touch nipple Type
Weight (kg)
External Dimensions (mm)


SPECIALS - high pressure units, manual drain types, super large versions and miniature versions can be requested.


Using The Super Separator

Very large water separators sometimes used upstream to remove liquid but it does not prevent downstream condensation due to the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the compressed air line.


The X-Stream™ Super Liquid Separator is installed at the end of a compressed air main line before a branch line, or just before the outlet of air use for the complete rejection of the mist due to the condensation inside the pipe and also remove any oil mist to 99.9%. This makes it possible to get an essentially maintenance free operation in the control of water and moisture in air line. The only possible part change would be the replacement of the auto drain valve giving the unit a semi permanent life time.


5-year warranty (except for auto drain)

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