Industrial Housekeeping Products

Nex Flow™ offers specialty items to improve industrial housekeeping and specialty applications utilizing air amplification and vacuum technology.  All these items utilize compressed air eliminating the problems of high maintenance and often short life span  from electrical vacuum and blower systems in these applications.


Industrial Housekeeping, Products, Nex Flow

Reversible Drum Angel

2-way reversible drum pump is a system to fill or empty a drum  in under 90 seconds.  It is perfect for coolant sumps, general cleanup, and spill recovery.

Industrial Housekeeping, Products, Nex Flow

X-Stream hand vac

X-Stream hand vac is a blow-off gun, and vacuum gun, and a transfer system in one package.  It is used for vacuuming, the transfer of small parts, and cleanup up of chips, sawdust, chips, coolant, etc.  This low cost unit is an ideal package for maintenance.

Industrial Housekeeping, Products, Nex Flow

Spray Booth Drying Air Gun

Is a hand held air amplification system c/w screen to prevent dirt from being blown onto the spray booth wall to speed the cooling and drying of paint.

Industrial Housekeeping, Products, Nex Flow

STREAM VAC™ Dust Collection and Fume Extraction System

The Model 40002FMS STREAM VAC™ is a versatile and affordable compact air cleaning system is ideal for the removal of fumes, dust and other air pollution from work stations without the need for heavy and bulky machinery.


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