Ionizing Bar - Haug VS Static Bar

Ionizing Bar, Haug, VS, Static BarThe HAUG VS ionizing bar reliably removes electrostatic charges and its performance, when compared to the standard version, is three times the power. This tremendously improves the static removal and designed to address extremely high charges, faster speeds and greater distances.


The HAUG VS ionizing bar has all of the typical features that characterize HAUG ionizing bars: the reliable and removable plug-and-socket connection System X-2000, the shielded high-voltage cable, the special stainless-steel electrodes and the convenience of being safe to touch.


The electrical capacity of the VS ionizing bar is three times as great as the standard version, and therefore, it is necessary to base any power pack load calculations on a bar length three times as long.


Static Bars


VS static bar - 50 cm with 200 cm cable
Power pack load: 3 x 50 cm + 200 cm = 350 cm


Further bar variations are available:
These static bars can also be provided with high-voltage connection at the end of the bar for series connection of ionizing units (daisy-chain units end to end) or with even without HV-cable, suitable for connection of a flexible, separate high-voltage cable with elbows or tees – a variety of systems to “minimize” the need for excessive cable and extra power supplies, a significant advantage over competitive systems such as in “halo” blow-offs for paint lines where several static bars with air blades can be connected end to end.



Ionizing Bar, Haug, VS, Static Bar


  • Plastic processing industry : Film processing, packaging machines, film extruders, etc.

  • Textile industry : Weaving and spinning mills, textile finishing plants, etc.

  • Graphic industry : Screen and pad printing machines, photographic and film processing machines, folding machines, etc.

  • Paint Shops : Car painting, painting of plastic components, etc.


Ionizing Bar, Haug, VS, Static Bar

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