Air Edger Flat Jet Air Nozzles From Nex Flow™

The "NEW" Nex Flow™ Air Edger™ Flat Jet Air Nozzle, provides a powerful force while reducing compressed air use for a variety of blow off applications. The unit is 2" wide and the gap is maintained by a shim. Changing or stacking various shim sizes allows you to set the force that you need for any particular application - from a light blow off to a powerful blow off force.


The Air Edger™ Flat Jet Air Nozzles are easy to mount and maintain, reducing both compressed air consumption and noise levels.



The Air Edger™ Flat Jet Air Nozzles work by producing a laminar flow of air along its 2" length using the "Coanda" effect which entrains a large volume of air from the surrounding area along with a small amount of compressed air from the Air Edger™ Flat Jet Air Nozzle itself to produce an amplified output flow. Made of cast zinc aluminum it is a rugged unit applicable for many applications. Units may be placed side by side to provide an efficient and strong blowing force over wide lengths.


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How it Works:

Compressed air enters the flat jet at the rear port at (A). Air is entrained at point (B) and (D) by the compressed air stream that leaves the flat jet from a small gap at the end. The entrained air follows the profile that directs the airflow in a perfect straight line to create a uniform sheet of air along the 2" length of the Air Edger™ Flat Jet Nozzle. The amplified air stream maximizes velocity and force to produce a well-defined sharp edge laminar flow with minimal wind shear for reduced energy use in blow off and cooling. Two screws at (C) allow you to vary the gap with a variety of sizes of shims (.004", .008" or .020"). One or two shims may be used.




  • High Force and laminar flow to work at some distance from the target

  • Quiet compared to other blow off products for the same force

  • Low air consumption

  • Meets OSHA pressure level requirements

  • Lower noise levels

  • Available in Zinc aluminum



Air Edger Flat Jet Air Nozzles
Air Edger Flat Jet Air Nozzles


Nex Flow™ Air Edger™ Flat Jet Air Nozzles

Model 47011 Air Edger™ Flat Jet is an extremely efficient flat jet air nozzle designed to provide a powerful stream of high velocity laminar flow and high force for blow off and cooling where air knives may not be enough.
When bench tested against several other flat jets, even those with special designed holes or shims, the Air Edger™ Flat Jet outperformed them all despite whatever claims others may make. Air consumption and noise levels are minimized with its special design and configuration.


The Nex Flow™ Air Edger™ Flat Jet is available with various size "gaps" all set by a flat shim. Three standard shim sizes are available - .004" (.10 mm), .008" (.2mm) and .020" (.51 mm). One, two or more shims can be "stacked" for a larger gap and greater force.


Model Numbers:

47011-4 - Air Edger™ Flat Jet with .004" gap setting
47011-8 - Air Edger™ Flat Jet with .008" gap setting
47011-12 - Air Edger™ Flat Jet with .012" gap setting
47011-16 - Air Edger™ Flat Jet with .016" gap setting
47011-20 - Air Edger™ Flat Jet with .020" gap setting
47011-24 - Air Edger™ Flat Jet with .024" gap setting
47011-28 - Air Edger™ Flat Jet with .028" gap setting


If you are not sure of which level of power you need, we recommend a Model 47211S Shim Set consisting of 2 - .004" shims, 2 - .008" shims and 1 - .020" shim and any two shims (or more) can be stacked to set the gap best suited to your application.



Air Consumption And Force


- Measured at entrance to jet
Force in ounces
(grams) at 12`from target
47011-4 and
20.5 (581)
12 (340)
47011-8 and
31.3 (887)
21 (595)
47011-12 and
38.5 (1091)
27 (765)
47011-16 and
41.0 (1161)
30 (850)
47011-20 and
44.5 (1261)
33 (936)
47011-24 and
47.0 (1331)
47011-28 and
51.0 (1445)
39 (1106)


Compared To Competition

It is not always clear how tests and measurements are made by competitors and therefore validating claims can be difficult since such values depend on how tests are done. Therefore we measured a competitive unit under the same conditions as we measured our units. The flat jet of the competitor is of a similar type except that they are using a saw tooth shim design and different internal dimensions. We obtained the following readings when measured using the same parameters as for Nex Flow units.


22 SCFM - 22 oz force 25.1 SCFM - 15 oz force


The force/SCFM is a ratio of .54


One measure of efficiency is the ratio of Force/Air Consumption. The higher the ratio the better the efficiency.


If we compare to that of the Nex Flow Model 47011-4 the ratio is 12/20.5 = .58
And for the Model 47011-8 the ratio is 21/31.3 = .67


In both cases the efficiency of the Nex Flow units are higher in the comparative tests done. Under the same conditions.



Frigid-X, Panel Coolers, NEMA 12, Enclosure Coolers, Cabinet, Enclosure, Coolers, Electronic Control Panels


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