Air Knives For Nex Flow Air Knife Systems

Air knives from Nex Flow™ dramatically reduce compressed air and noise levels as compared to other blow-off products. Air knives provide a compact, and efficient means to dry, clean and cool materials. Air knives operate by entraining the surrounding air along with the compressed air utilizing the “coanda” effect essentially converting energy which would normally be lost as noise and pressure drop into useful flow. No matter what anyone tells you, all air knives using the coanda effect are essentially the same in performance with negligible differences. However, how they are made is what is very important to make sure you get value for you money.

Air Knives For Nex Flow Air Knife Systems

Standard Air-Blade™ Air Knife
Standard Air Knives - Standard Air-Blade™ Air Knife Blow-Off System from Nex Flow™ is easy to mount and maintain and reduces both compressed air consumption and noise levels.

Stainless Steel Air-Blade™ Air Knife
Stainless Steel Air Knives - Air-Blade ™ Air Knife Blow-Off System from Nex Flow™ are easy to mount and maintain and reduces both compressed air consumption and noise levels.

X-Stream™ Air-Blade™ Air Knife
X-Stream ™ Air-Blade ™ Air Knife is easy to mount and maintain and reduces both compressed air consumption and noise levels. It is the most efficient design yet achieved for air knife curtain blow-off technology for reducing noise levels yet providing the optimum in blow-off energy.

Hard Anodized X-Stream™ Air-Blade™ Air Knife
Priced only slightly above the price of regular anodized aluminum Nex Flow™ X-Stream™ Air Blade™ air knives these units can sometimes eliminate the need to go to more costly and heavy stainless steel units and save hundreds of dollars in cost!

Air-Blade™ Ionizer
Static Eliminator - Air-Blade™ Ionizer combines the superior designed Air Knives with a quality static bar made by Haug North America, charges can be eliminated quickly, even over large distances and surface area.

Mounting Systems
Nex Flow™ Mounting Systems for air knives and air amplifiers provide a convenient and flexible way to utilize the products for blow-off and cooling applications. All Mounting Systems are made of powder coated steel.

Nex Flow™ Air-Blade™ Air Knives are superior to competitive units for the following reasons:

  • All our air knives are full flow which means they can be put end to end for continuous flow and takes up less space in tight areas. Even one competitor’s so-called full-flow standard answer to our Nex Flow standard air blade air knife is not nearly as efficient as ours by their own published values and is only a small, flimsy version in comparison.

  • All our air knives come with a stainless steel shim to maintain the gap for the compressed air to exit. Many companies use plastic shims which may be “squeezed” for uneven flow but more important, no matter how clean you make the compressed air line, the plastic will wear. Plastic shims is one of the biggest complaints customers have with air knives – Nex Flow however uses stainless steel shims as a standard in all air knives.

  • Easy mounting. Some air knife designs are difficult to mount requiring them to be taken apart, often effecting flow and making the job of mounting more difficult. All Nex Flow™ air knives have convenient mounting holes.

  • All Nex Flow™ aluminum air knives are anodized while many competitors do virtually nothing to the aluminum for protection. In fact, if you want any better protection they try to get you to by more costly stainless steel when simple anodizing is less costly and already “standard” with Nex Flow™.

  • Flexibility in connections. Except for the very short lengths, both standard and X-Stream™ versions have compressed air ports at the ends and the back for flexible choice in air input.


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Nex Flow™ Air Products Corp. is a manufacturer of compressed air-operated products made to improve plant efficiency, improve energy efficiency, improve quality and enhance the environment. Our product line includes air blow-off products that reduce noise levels and compressed air use, and vortex tube technology using vortex tubes for spot cooling, control panel cooling, tool cooling and other unique applications. It also includes air operated conveying products and static control technology.


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Nex Flow™ Air Products Corp. is a manufacturer of Air Amplifiers, Air Knives, Air Jets, Air Nozzles, Air Operated Conveyors, Cabinet Panel Coolers, Industrial Housekeeping Products, Static Control Products, Vortex Tubes and Tool Coolers. Our brand names are Frigid-X™, Silent X-Stream™, X-Stream™, Air-Edger™, Ring-Vac™ and Air-Blade™.

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Nex Flow™ Air Products Corp. provides an indepth information on Air Amplifiers, showing our Standard Air Amplifiers, Adjustable Air Amplifiers and Adjustable Gauged Air Amplifiers. Air Knives feature our Standard Air-Blade™ Air Knives, Stainless Steel Air-Blade™ Air Knife, X-Stream™ Air-Blade™ Air Knife and our X-Stream™ Hard Anodized Air-Blade™ Air Knife. Air Jets and Air Nozzles feature our Standard Air Jets and Nozzles, X-Stream™ Air Nozzles and our Air Edger™ Flat Jet Nozzle. Much more information on our product line is available on this web site.

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