Air Knife Blow-Off Systems from Nex Flow

Air Knife, Stainless Steel Air Knife, Air-Blade Air Knife, Blow Off System, Nex Flow
Model 10018 Standard Air-Blade™ Air Knife is used to blow scrap pieces and dirt from celluar phone parts after manufacturing.

Air Knife Blow Off System from Nex Flow™ are easy to mount and maintain and reduces both compressed air consumption and noise levels.

The Stainless Steel Air-Blade™ Air Knife Blow Off System from Nex Flow™ produces a “laminar” flow of air along its length using the ”Coanda” effect which “entrains” a large volume of air from the surrounding area along with the small amount of compressed air from the Air-Blade™ to produce an output flow up to 30 times.

Air Knife Blow Off System payback on compressed air savings can be as soon as a few weeks in some applications.

Nex Flow™ Mounting Systems for air knives and air amplifiers provide a convenient and flexible way to utilize the products for blow-off and cooling applications.

Air Knife, Stainless Steel Air Knife, Air-Blade Air Knife, Blow Off System, Nex Flow
Air Knife, Stainless Steel Air Knife, Air-Blade Air Knife, Blow Off System, Nex Flow


Standard Air Blade™ Air Knife Product Drawings:

10003.pdf 10018.pdf
10003_3D.PDF 10018_3D.PDF
10003_Mod.igs 10018_Mod.igs
10003-Outline.dwg 10018-Outline.dwg
10006.pdf 10024.pdf
10006_3D.PDF 10024_3D.PDF
10006_Mod.igs 10024_Mod.igs
10006-Outline.dwg 10024-Outline.dwg
10008.pdf 10030.pdf
10008_3D.PDF 10030_3D.PDF
10008_Mod.igs 10030_Mod.igs
10008-Outline.dwg 10030-Outline.dwg
10012.pdf 10036.pdf
10012_3D.PDF 10036_3D.PDF
10012_Mod.igs 10036_Mod.igs
10012-Outline.dwg 10036-Outline.dwg


Standard Air Blade™ Air Knife How It Works

Compressed air enters the air knife at the rear (or end) ports at (A). Air is entrained at point (B) by the compressed air stream that leaves the air knife from a small gap. The entrained air follows the coanda profile and along the front face (C) that directs the airflow in a perfect straight line at 90 degrees to create a uniform sheet of air along the entire length of the Air Blade TM air knife at it leaves the air knife at point (D). The amplified air stream maximized velocity and force is maximized as a well-defined sheet of laminar flow with minimal wind shear for reduced energy use in blow off and cooling.

Air Knife, Stainless Steel Air Knife, Air-Blade™ Air Knife Blow Off System from Nex Flow™ produces a curtain of air along the length of the application using the same "Coanda" effect utilized in our Air Amplifiers. There are no moving parts, with compressed air from a local production line source being used to amplify end entrain surrounding air. Output volumes almost twenty times higher than those at the input can be achieved.

Offered in aluminum or stainless steel and can be manufactured in any length from a combination of our standard sizes.

Standard Air Blade™ Air Knife Features

Unlike some competitive products that advertise a full flow air knife type system, our low cost air knives are rugged with a multiple port design for flexibility in mounting and coated for longer life.

  • Made of an coated aluminum body and a hard-coated “cap”. Stainless steel models are available for high temperature and corrosive applications.

  • Built and designed for significantly longer life in difficult environments than many competing products.

  • Multiple air inlet ports on either the back or ends in a compact design with additional mounting holes on the back.

  • Flexible mounting options and easy to fit in small spaces.

  • Airflow amplification of approximately 30:1 compared to 3:1 for drilled pipe or open jets and tubes.

  • Energy reduction in compressed air use up to 90% and noise reductions of 10 dbA.

  • Instant on-off with no moving parts, no electricity or explosion hazard.

  • Maintenance free with output easily controlled, safe to use.


Typical applications replace drilled pipe, or rows of nozzles used for blow-off, cleaning, drying or cooling.

  • Automotive
    Remove water, coolant, dust, and scrap in parts manufacturing and in assembly operations.
    Can be used to cool parts.

  • Bottling
    Blow off of water prior to labeling, palletizing or packaging. Moving light materials.
    Open and close packaging lids or tops.

  • Chemicals
    Blow off of chemicals or water prior to labeling or packaging as with bottling operations.

  • Food
    Remove water from product or packaging. Control application of some materials to the food product such as sugar, icing etc. Open pouches in bagging operations. Dry food.

  • General Manufacturing
    Part ejection, air curtain barrier, dust and liquid blow off from all types of parts.
    Ideal for replacing fans in some cooling operations.

  • Metals
    Coolant and other liquid removal on process lines from Aluminum, Steel, Brass or other materials. Dry metals prior to other operations such as plating or polishing. Cool metal parts prior to coating or painting.

  • Paper & Lumber
    Paper dust removal and control. Dust removal from plywood and panel board.

  • Plastic
    Dust and scrap blow off. Cool off molten plastic in dip molding.

  • Printing
    Cooling to set some inks, scrap blow off, hold down labels prior to printing, cool adhesives to allow faster speeds in label applications and binding operations.

  • Pharmaceutical
    Remove liquid prior to labeling or packaging waste removal from solid materials.

  • Textile
    Cleaning and drying of cloth or other materials.

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